In Closing…

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As my sophomore year has drawn to an end, my time as  NY6 Student Fellow has ended as well. While I may still post occasionally, monthly posts will likely cease. This blog has been a wonderful tool for delving deeper into poetry, which I have become infinitely more passionate about. This blog has been my driving force for seeking out poetry events on campus, for having important conversations with my professors, and for recognizing the brilliance and talent of the classmates that surround me every day. I feel lucky to have been introduced to new faces and spaces through this venture, and I am confident that my learning within the realm of English has greatly benefitted and will continue to do so.

To any and all who have read these blog entries: thank you. It is both exciting and slightly shocking that the many thoughts I have about an often-too-forgotten art are reaching an audience that hopefully enjoys such writing. I truly hope that the influence poetry has had on me will convince you that it is worth your time–be that through reading it, writing it, or taking a class on it. Further, I hope that this venture has demonstrated why an education in the humanities and a liberal arts education in general are so central to the fascination that my own education has embedded within me. Without the kind of varied, intensive, and engaged college experience I am having through these routes, I know I would lack instances like going straight from poetry class to my “Rejected Knowledge” course on alien life, the Illuminati, fairies, etc., and be able to translate questions of belief and faith back into my writing (just one of many examples of this interdisciplinary learning…see Poetry: The Ultimate Interdisciplinary Tool for more). I can rest assured that the humanities have helped me make valuable ties between my varied forms of knowledge.

As I am writing this, I am just coming from marketing internship interview. When discussing the NY6 Student Fellow segment on my resume, they echoed my sentiments about how important it is to be able to write succinctly, think critically, and communicate creatively (poetry!). This experience has given me all of that, and I do not think that this agency is alone in valuing such marketable skills. So to anyone reading who is debating jumping into the humanities: go for it. The humanities are not a waste of time, and studying them will do anything but impede your successes in the world of employment. Give yourself interesting thoughts to consider, challenge yourself to actually listen to the human voice, and find the best way for you to make yourself heard. Thank you for keeping up with Well Versed–this blog has been an absolute privilege to write!

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